Irgendwas mit Computern – Daniel Tiggemann’s old and defunct blog

Hi there!

I am Daniel Tiggemann and this is my old blog. I have started it in 2008 and stopped updating it in 2012. However, I do not want to delete it, as I have the rather abnormal ambition of keeping links alive (although I have no idea at the moment who is linking to this blog; but I want to uphold my side. Too many people break the web by simply removing old pages).

This blog ran on an old server that no longer exists, therefore I took the opportunity to move to a different server and use a different content management system. The old one was wordpress, which I cannot recommend at all (unless you love daily security updates). Now I have switched to Hugo … which I also cannot recommend. Perhaps I just need to get used it more, but it has a lot of questionable design decisions. Perhaps I just write my own static site generator.

Well, consider this a museum. I will not recommence blogging here, but if I do blogging, it will be integrated into my homepage: Daniel Tiggemann’s homepage. Although I have to say that I do not like the traditional blogging format, perhaps I’ll try something different.

And now for the museum catalog:


2008-03-03: Laziness is the mother of invention …


2010-09-05: Fusilli all’Emiglia-Romagna

2010-09-12: A useful JavaScript idiom for histograms and binning

2010-10-31: Pasta salad di Parma

2010-11-07: A JavaScript Operator Precedence Cheat Sheet

2010-11-14: How to really obfuscate your JavaScript code with more magic and annoy a poor succeeding programmer

2010-11-28: Global warming watch, winter 2010/11 edition

2010-11-28: Ich möchte, dass ihr mich Loretta nennt, arrr!

2010-12-05: Chili Harvest 2010

2010-12-19: Apple-Cinnamon-Muffins (and generic muffins)



2011-03-13: I’m a #qwitter

2011-03-13: Earthquake in Japan

2011-03-20: We are at war with Libya

2011-04-12: First Orbit

2011-04-29: Royale Hochzeit

2011-05-29: Structured Procrastination

2011-06-19: Skave Turistfart

2011-09-22: Leo out, Meg in

2011-10-06: Steve Jobs, RIP

2011-10-13: Dennis Ritchie, RIP


2012-08-27: Mondlandung ungültig: Armstrong war gedopt!