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Skave Turistfart

Some jokes write themselves …

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Royale Hochzeit

Und weißt du, wie die eine königliche Hochzeit in Deutschland nennen? Die nennen sie nicht eine königliche Hochzeit? Nein Mann, die haben das metrische System, die wissen gar nicht, was ein König ist. Wie nennen die sie? Die nennen sie … Continue reading

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Contrary to last year, it’s white christmas in Cologne. Merry Christmas!

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View from the Parpaner Rothorn, Lenzerheide

View to west by southwest, from 2865 m elevation. Graubünden is not only blessed with its delicious Bündnerfleisch, but also with idyllic scenery. Perhaps I should relocate? (Click picture for full resolution)

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Mizzoozzoo (fuel)

Three thieves have stolen a large number of socks in a Colognian department store. They were caught and turned over to the authorities. When questioned for their motives, they answered that they were trying to finance their drug habit with … Continue reading

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Winter impressions, January 2010

Cologne is covered in snow. We had that last winter, but not the ten winters before. A look from and on my balcony: I hope my common sage survives; it has survived last winter already: Same with the strawberries (the … Continue reading

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Snowman without snow

Unfortunately, the snow has melted away in Cologne, but nevertheless, here is the Unicode-Snowman for you (codepoint U+2603): ☃ Merry Christmas!

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Booktitles as User Interfaces (pt. 1)

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Several weeks ago, a brothel opened in Stuttgart-Fellbach, which offers a flat-rate for sex. In completely unrelated news, thieves stole 320,000 pills of Levitra from the Bayer factory in Leverkusen; Levitra is a potency drug†. Honi soit qui mal y … Continue reading

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Sea lions

Not only nerds are behaving strangely in the bay area, but also sea lions. Yes, sea lions. A sea lion was arrested today while wandering around the I-880 near Oakland, CA. The reason was that he (or she) had no … Continue reading

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