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A tale of woe that is the annual tax return

Oh, make the hurting stop! Just one simple example; a tiny, innocent looking fragment out of the tax form EÜR (Einnahmenüberschussrechnung nach § 4 Abs. 3 EStG für das Kalenderjahr 2009): Line 5 asks if I closed my business or sold it in 2009. … Continue reading

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A set of three non-transitive d4 dice (i. e., tetrahedra)

Randomness contains its surprises (take my probably favorite Dilbert cartoon of all times, the accounting department’s random number generator: Are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness: You can never be sure). One of such surprises is non-transitivity … Continue reading

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Building a random bettor

For the next season of Fußball-Bundesliga, we’ll use kicktipp for betting on the results, as we have in the previous seasons. This time, we want to introduce additional dummies, ‘Heimsieg’ (home victory) and ‘Zufall’ (randomness), as yardsticks of predictive performance … Continue reading

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Automatic type coercion sucks!

By trying to make your life simpler, JavaScript makes your life really hard. This snippet meant one hour of debugging: var w = canvas.getAttribute(‘width’); var neighb = [ -1, 1, w, -w ]; Looks innocent enough, n’est-ce pas? Unfortunately, canvas.getAttribute() … Continue reading

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