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Mondlandung ungültig: Armstrong war gedopt!

Mit einem Kopfnicken in Richtung Titanic.

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First orbit

Fifty years ago, mankind opened the door to the stars. What have you done today?

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Norman Ernest Borlaug, a great man

The 20th century had its fair share of mass murderers: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, each can count 20 million dead on their accounts, easily. And one of their favorite tools for murder was starvation. Luckily, there was a man who would … Continue reading

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The war on drugs of Lín Zéxú

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the forcible suppression of the Tiān ānmén riot. Western media will feast on this anniversary, as it fits perfectly the preconceptions and prejudices in the West that the communist government (which is communist only in … Continue reading

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Swine flu and pandemics: The media would like you to panic now

Media are abuzz with reports of the outbreak of a deadly influenza in Mexico, called swine flu, because it seems to have originated in swines. At this moment, about 150 people in Mexico have died of this disease. Just for … Continue reading

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Today is the 150th birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II., born January 27th, 1859 in Potsdam, Germany; died June 4th, 1941 in Huis Doorn, Netherlands; last King of Prussia and last German Emperor. This is not really a day for celebration, … Continue reading

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Mac turns 25

Today, the Mac is having its 25th anniversary. Macworld is asking five Macelebrities, what the greatest ever Mac was. Andy Ihnatko is dead-on: The greatest Mac ever? It’s the first one you owned. Anybody who answers differently is just going … Continue reading

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Boris Efimov dead

Political cartoonist Boris Efimovich Efimov (Борис Ефимович Ефимов) died yesterday, aged 108 (born September 28th, 1900 (Gregorian calendar) in Kiev, died October 1st, 2008 in Moscow). He had to serve one of the most evil men of all time, Iosif … Continue reading

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A voyage back in time

For celebrating its tenth birthday, Google excavated the oldest index they could get hold of and made it available for us all, so that we all can travel back in time to the internet of 2001: Google 2001. It’ll be … Continue reading

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