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Pfefferrahmschnitzel (pork cutlet with peppercorns and cream)

Ingredients: lard pork cutlet onion broth green peppercorns cognac (optional) cream Calories: It’s pork, with cream; lots of calories. You know what to do; go running. Preparation: If you use dried peppercorns, you first have to soak them. A little … Continue reading

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Jägerschnitzel (escalope chasseur)

Ingredients: lard (I’d rather eat lard than go vegeterian) pork cutlet bacon onions mushrooms cream parsley broth starch Calories: It’s pork, with bacon and cream: probably quite a lot of calories, right? Right. Well, ’tis the season to act on … Continue reading

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Norman Ernest Borlaug, a great man

The 20th century had its fair share of mass murderers: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, each can count 20 million dead on their accounts, easily. And one of their favorite tools for murder was starvation. Luckily, there was a man who would … Continue reading

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First Chili Harvest 2009

Royal Black: Trinidad Scorpion: Purple Habañero: Aribbibi Gusano:

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Ring of Fire – Chili Lyrics

(Sung to the tune of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, obviously). Chili is a burning thing And it makes a fiery ring Gorged with wild desire It fell through a ring of fire Chorus: It fell through a burning … Continue reading

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Green Coal

Heise is reporting that China is investigating grüne Kohleverstromung. Grüne Kohle? Grünkohl! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). I am willing to help: Grünkohl mit Pinkel Ingredients: Lots of Grünkohl (kale) Onions Lard Different sorts of meat (e. g., Kassler, pork belly, Mettenden, … Continue reading

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Chili con carne

Time for another harvest of home-grown chili peppers. Over the summer, I have been growing lots of them, now the last cohort is starting to mature. Some of the earlier ones I’ve hung up to dry. I’ve been growing several … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Sardines-Tomato-Sauce

Quick and easy, but delicious. And has nothing to do with computers. Ingredients: Spaghetti Canned sardines (in oil) Tomato puree (if concentrated, dilute with water) Onion Garlic Fresh parsley Fresh basil Olive oil Parmesan cheese Calories: A lot. If you … Continue reading

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