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Apple-cinnamon-muffins (and generic muffins)

For the christmas season, let’s put cinnamon and apples into our muffins. You could leave them aside, then you get generic muffins. Of course, you could add other ingredients, like blueberries, for variation. Ingredients (for 12 muffins): 360 g flour … Continue reading

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Chili Harvest 2010

Nice harvest: I’ve grown four varieties of chilis, Jellybean, Fatalii, Bih Jolokia (also known as Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia), and Royal Gold. All four are very hot, Bih Jolokia extremely so. Time to prepare some spicy-hot dishes. Recipes to … Continue reading

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Pasta salad di Parma

A somewhat unconventional pasta salad. Ingredients: Pasta, e. g. Fusilli Prosciutto di Parma Gorgonzola cheese Pistachios Olives Fresh basil Olive oil Aceto balsamico Salt Freshly-ground pepper Calories: Quite a lot. I’ve discovered an alternative way of burning calories: long-distance cycling. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Fusilli all’Emilia-Romagna

This is a very simple recipe, and quickly made. But it’s very delicious (cream and bacon, hmmmm …). Ingredients: Pasta, e. g. Fusilli Bacon Peas (canned or frozen are fine) Cream Parmesan cheese Calories: A lot. Think about it: cream, bacon, … Continue reading

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Albóndigas en Salsa

This is a tapa recipe. Albóndigas are meatballs, and the salsa is a sauce which must be spicey hot. (I apoligize for the low-resolution picture; I forgot to take a close-up photo, so I had to cut out the albóndigas … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken

This one is so dead simple that it is hard to call it a recipe. Ingredients: One delicious plump-breasted chicken Some paprika spice Salt Calories: Surprisingly few for all the nutrients it offers; chicken is mostly protein. Preparation: I suppose … Continue reading

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Well suited for afternoon coffee (or tea). Ingredients: Flour, 500 g Sugar, 10 g (or 100 g, if you have a sweet tooth) Salt, 1 teaspoon Milk, 250 ml Yeast, fresh, 1 cube à 42 g Butter, 75 g Calories: … Continue reading

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Fried rice and vegetables

You could make this into a totally vegetarian dish; however, heed Dr. Tiggemann’s advice: There is no vegetarian meal that couldn’t be improved by adding dead animal. Ingredients: rice several vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, beans, peapods, what have you cooking oil … Continue reading

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Pork cutlet with broccoli au gratin

Quick and easy. Ingredients: lard pork cutlet broccoli cheese Calories: Well, it has broccoli in it, which has nearly no calories. However, there is still the pork and cheese … Preparation: Boil water in a pot. Put the broccoli in … Continue reading

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Zigeunerschnitzel (pork cutlet with bell pepper sauce)

Ingredients: lard pork cutlet onion broth garlic bell peppers tomatoes vinegar starch Calories: It’s pork; however, mitigated by bell peppers; still, lots of calories (especially when you serve french fries as side dish). So, go running. Preparation: Heat lard in … Continue reading

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