Albóndigas en Salsa

This is a tapa recipe. Albóndigas are meatballs, and the salsa is a sauce which must be spicey hot.

Albóndigas en Salsa

(I apoligize for the low-resolution picture; I forgot to take a close-up photo, so I had to cut out the albóndigas from a wide-angle shot of the entire tapas ensemble).


minced meat
egg yolks
bell peppers
canned tomatoes
cooking oil


Yeah, quite so. But you’re going to eat several different tapas, and additionally drink wine (or beer, if you feel like it), so in the grand scheme of things, the albóndigas themselves are negligible.


The salsa: Finely dice onions, heat some cooking oil in a cooking pot (you can use olive oil, just don’t let it get too hot), add onions. Fry until yellow to brownish. Meanwhile, dice bell peppers, add them, and reduce heat. After a minute, add the canned tomatoes. Add salt. Add finely diced chilis. Now, choosing the right amount of chili is the difficult part: you don’t want to make the salsa too hot; it shouldn’t be completely overpowering, as you want to enjoy the other tapas. However, it should be hot enough so that the albóndigas don’t taste bland. You are on your own here. Let the salsa simmer for 15 minutes in order to boil it down.

The albóndigas: Into a large mixing pot, add the minced meat, one to two egg yolks, some breadcrumbs, pressed garlic, some salt. Mix thoroughly using your hands, until the mixture has become fairly homogeneous. Form small balls, roughly the size of chestnuts. Roll the balls in flour, so that they are covered from all sides. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan (again, you can take olive oil, but don’t let it smoke), put the albóndigas into the pan and fry them from all sides, until they are deep brown.

Let both salsa and albóndigas cool slightly. Put the albóndigas into the salsa, so that they are completely covered in it.

You can serve them warm or cold.


Just one tapa is not enough. You should make some more. You can keep the egg whites and use them for a tortilla de patatas, for example.

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