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Pork cutlet with broccoli au gratin

Quick and easy. Ingredients: lard pork cutlet broccoli cheese Calories: Well, it has broccoli in it, which has nearly no calories. However, there is still the pork and cheese … Preparation: Boil water in a pot. Put the broccoli in … Continue reading

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A tale of woe that is the annual tax return

Oh, make the hurting stop! Just one simple example; a tiny, innocent looking fragment out of the tax form EÜR (Einnahmenüberschussrechnung nach § 4 Abs. 3 EStG für das Kalenderjahr 2009): Line 5 asks if I closed my business or sold it in 2009. … Continue reading

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A Fistful of Afghani

Westerwelle: My government is prepared to offer you 50 million dollars to leave the Taliban. Omar: I’m afraid you underestimate me, Mr. Westerwelle. Your people and mine have a different set of values. Westerwelle: Mr. Omar, you must understand the … Continue reading

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Zigeunerschnitzel (pork cutlet with bell pepper sauce)

Ingredients: lard pork cutlet onion broth garlic bell peppers tomatoes vinegar starch Calories: It’s pork; however, mitigated by bell peppers; still, lots of calories (especially when you serve french fries as side dish). So, go running. Preparation: Heat lard in … Continue reading

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Mizzoozzoo (fuel)

Three thieves have stolen a large number of socks in a Colognian department store. They were caught and turned over to the authorities. When questioned for their motives, they answered that they were trying to finance their drug habit with … Continue reading

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Pfefferrahmschnitzel (pork cutlet with peppercorns and cream)

Ingredients: lard pork cutlet onion broth green peppercorns cognac (optional) cream Calories: It’s pork, with cream; lots of calories. You know what to do; go running. Preparation: If you use dried peppercorns, you first have to soak them. A little … Continue reading

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Winter impressions, January 2010

Cologne is covered in snow. We had that last winter, but not the ten winters before. A look from and on my balcony: I hope my common sage survives; it has survived last winter already: Same with the strawberries (the … Continue reading

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Jägerschnitzel (escalope chasseur)

Ingredients: lard (I’d rather eat lard than go vegeterian) pork cutlet bacon onions mushrooms cream parsley broth starch Calories: It’s pork, with bacon and cream: probably quite a lot of calories, right? Right. Well, ’tis the season to act on … Continue reading

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