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Technology for surveillance: Which is the oppressive regime?

In the wake of the Iranian election turmoil, it came to light that the infrastructure for the mobile phone network in Iran was supplied by Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint venture of Nokia and Siemens. And this infrastructure not only … Continue reading

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Sea lions

Not only nerds are behaving strangely in the bay area, but also sea lions. Yes, sea lions. A sea lion was arrested today while wandering around the I-880 near Oakland, CA. The reason was that he (or she) had no … Continue reading

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Censorship introduced in Germany

Our federal parliament, the Bundestag, has just introduced, in its infinite wisdom, official, unaccountable censorship. Despite article 5 of our Basic Law (Eine Zensur findet nicht statt), censorship has happened already in the past; however, as it consisted of confiscating … Continue reading

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The anti-stab knife

There is some buzz in the British media about anti-stab knives: The Times has something on it, and the BBC, too. According to government statistics, there were 322 stabbing deaths in 2008. This sounds like a lot; however, for comparision, … Continue reading

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European Elections: Democracy at work

You can’t make this stuff up: One election team in a polling station could not decide on the exact method of how to count the ballots (31 parties, therefore 31 heaps? How difficult could it be?), therefore they didn’t count … Continue reading

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Self-deception in politicians

A wonderful collector’s item, demonstrating the capacity for self-deception in our politicians, namely Klaus Wowereit of the SPD; after the disastrous spanking that the SPD received in the elections for the European Parliament (and the wins for the FDP), he … Continue reading

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The war on drugs of Lín Zéxú

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the forcible suppression of the Tiān ānmén riot. Western media will feast on this anniversary, as it fits perfectly the preconceptions and prejudices in the West that the communist government (which is communist only in … Continue reading

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