Mehdorn is kicked out! Hooray!

A great day for Germany, Mehdorn has declared his resignation. There is only one thing I am sad about: that he was forced to do this not due to his general incompetence, or his dismantling of the railroad network, but because he tried to fight corruption within the company. But I think this says a lot about the current condition of Germany.

However, if I had my way, I would throw him out for and charge him with high treason! After all, he has deliberately crippled the railroad network, in order to hinder competitors, and to lower the value of the network so that it would not be extracted from the company and sold seperately, or kept as public property; he did this so that the IPO would bring in more money, meaning higher incentives for him.

If you wonder, why trains were late so often, why operations were unreliable, why Die Bahn was unable to get more cargo traffic onto rail (despite the help from the tolls for cargo traffic on the Autobahn); there is the explanation. It was done on purpose, in order to claim higher incentives for the Executive Board. And this despite the railroad network being a critical infrastructure for the German economy, and being property of the state.

And no doubt he was able to negotiate a golden parachute for his resignation. A heavy, valuable, golden parachute.

As I said: charge him with high treason.

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