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Resolution too low

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The Grauniad reports that the CCTV cameras in the London area have to be shut off. The reason: a third of the cameras have a too low resolution, only 704 x 576, instead of … Continue reading

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Mehdorn is kicked out! Hooray!

A great day for Germany, Mehdorn has declared his resignation. There is only one thing I am sad about: that he was forced to do this not due to his general incompetence, or his dismantling of the railroad network, but … Continue reading

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WWDC 2009 announced

Today Apple announced the date for the WWDC 2009. It will take place June 8–12 in Moscone West. Apple deigned to announce this a full 74 days before the event. Isn’t this generous? After all, they could have announced it … Continue reading

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Extreme Shepherding

I strongly discourage you (and myself) from wasting time on YouTube, however, this is just too good to let it pass by: Extreme Shepherding.

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Apple, you are not the center of the universe

Aaron Hillegass’s resolution is absolutely legitimate: I will be at the beach Jun 6 – 13. If Apple decides to hold WWDC that week, I will not be there. Apple seems to be convinced that it forms the center of … Continue reading

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Neque fumus neque gaudium

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. — H. L. Mencken Our dear and democratically-elected leaders here in Germany were very busy last year to impose smoking bans on the population, especially bans on public smoking in pubs, bars, and … Continue reading

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Fire up the presses

The US Fed just announced that it will purchase up to $300 billion of longer-term Treasury securities over the next six months. In plain English this means that it will start its printing presses. Actually, they don’t need old (and … Continue reading

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Dear Swiss

You were annoyed by the loudmouth Steinbrück, I take it? Summoning the ambassador won’t cut it. You have a nice army. Why not use it? I understand that you are specialised in preventing invasions of your homeland, not in invading … Continue reading

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I accidentally the whole grass mud horse

Internet memes are running wild; and not only in the English corner of the Internet, but also in the Chinese one. Currently there is much talk about the grass mud horse from China. Many commentators concentrate on how this defies … Continue reading

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I accidentally the whole archive

This afternoon, the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne crashed. And no, I’m not talking about a computer crash. The whole frickin’ building collapsed! Taking about one thousand years of history with it. At the moment, it is unknown … Continue reading

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