Mac turns 25

Today, the Mac is having its 25th anniversary. Macworld is asking five Macelebrities, what the greatest ever Mac was.

Andy Ihnatko is dead-on: The greatest Mac ever? It’s the first one you owned. Anybody who answers differently is just going for style points.

Mine was the original Titanium PowerBook G4 (TiBook). And in fact, it was and is great (I still use it daily, albeit it now being over seven years old). It redefined the way laptops were built. Arguably, modern MacBooks are just an evolutionary development; even the new unibody MacBooks.

Before MacOS X, I’ve looked on Macs with contempt, as mere toys. Even my old vintage Amiga 500 was more advanced. MacOS X changed that. And it was not only a Unix, but in fact a real BSD (and none of this Linux nonsense). Cocoa is simply the best way to write GUI software; the rest of the software industry still has to learn from it. And the hardware of the Titanium PowerBook was rock solid. I knew I had to buy my own when I touched one.

So, TiBook plus MacOS X define for me the transition from Macs being mere toys to being serious tools.

About Daniel Tiggemann

Software-developer living in Cologne, Germany. Was once a physicist, specialized in computer simulations and parallel programming. Now more into JavaScript, web frontend development, and especially mobile computing.
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