Green Coal

Heise is reporting that China is investigating grüne Kohleverstromung. Grüne Kohle? Grünkohl! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). I am willing to help:

Grünkohl mit Pinkel

Lots of Grünkohl (kale)
Different sorts of meat (e. g., Kassler, pork belly, Mettenden, and of course Pinkel)

Calories: Oh come on, you know what to do. Yes, I know it’s cold outside. That is no excuse.

Clean kale thoroughly, cut out the stalks.
Put lard in a large pot and heat it. Add the finely diced onions. Add the kale, pour boiling water over it, so that it collapses a little bit. Simmer for at least half an hour, than add (not to finely) diced potatoes. Simmer for another half hour. Add the meat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add sugar if kale is not sweet enough. Simmer another half hour. Now let it cool down and wait a day. On the next day, reheat, then serve. Don’t forget schnapps as side-dish. Enjoy!

(For non-German speakers: Pinkel is a sausage. Don’t look it up in a dictionary, that would be misleading).

About Daniel Tiggemann

Software-developer living in Cologne, Germany. Was once a physicist, specialized in computer simulations and parallel programming. Now more into JavaScript, web frontend development, and especially mobile computing.
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