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Do no evil, huh?

If you needed any more proof that Google does in fact do evil, here it is: Google killed Bambi.

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Today is the 150th birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II., born January 27th, 1859 in Potsdam, Germany; died June 4th, 1941 in Huis Doorn, Netherlands; last King of Prussia and last German Emperor. This is not really a day for celebration, … Continue reading

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KStA reports (amongst others in the babbling news media): Die Stimmung in der deutschen Wirtschaft hat sich zum neuen Jahr entgegen aller Erwartungen aufgehellt. Der Geschäftsklimaindex stieg an, obwohl ein Rückgang vermutet wurde. Möglicherweise ist das ein Hinweis darauf, dass … Continue reading

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Berlin Institute for Bullsh*t and Prediction Failures

In Germany, news media today are abuzz with reporting of a new study about immigration by the Berlin-Institut für Bevölkerung und Entwicklung. Just a quick reminder: This is the exact same institute that claimed in August 2008 a bright, dynamic, … Continue reading

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Mac turns 25

Today, the Mac is having its 25th anniversary. Macworld is asking five Macelebrities, what the greatest ever Mac was. Andy Ihnatko is dead-on: The greatest Mac ever? It’s the first one you owned. Anybody who answers differently is just going … Continue reading

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Celebrate 1234567890 seconds since Epoch

// I guess this will be a busy February, lots of dates to celebrate. // Darwin’s 200th birthday on Feb 12, Carnival starts on Feb 19, and now this: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { … Continue reading

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Strange coincidences

Yesterday, after having done my full day’s work, I decided to relax watching a movie. Standing in front of my DVD collection, I chose The Wrath of Khan, thinking I haven’t seen that one in a while. If you ask … Continue reading

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Limerick for Limerick

Once a Texan went to Limerick shut a factory which was big   took all the subsidies   fired all worker bees because the IDA is too thick.

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Green Coal

Heise is reporting that China is investigating grüne Kohleverstromung. Grüne Kohle? Grünkohl! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). I am willing to help: Grünkohl mit Pinkel Ingredients: Lots of Grünkohl (kale) Onions Lard Different sorts of meat (e. g., Kassler, pork belly, Mettenden, … Continue reading

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Winter impressions (ep. 3)

Aachener Weiher and Grüngürtel in Cologne, on January, 6th, 2009. The kids seem to enjoy playing ice hockey. Global Warming, tralala …

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