It died

While so-called experts predict economic doom for 2009 (the same experts that didn’t see any crisis coming at the beginning of this year); while politicians and especially EUrocrats scramble for passing ever-growing stimulus packages (financed with public debt, never mind that excessive debt triggered the crisis) in a futile attempt to keep up the illusion that they (the politicians and EUrocrats) would be of any use; there is one web site that puts you in the right mood for 2009: It died, a compendium of what services and companies are no longer available. I guess it will be quite busy in the near future.

While this seems to be mean-spirited, it is not (and even if it were, it would still be fun and educational): Glenn Fleishman has a real point, in that relying on hosting services can be very dangerous if your own business depends on them. Of course it is convenient to use cloud computing, or payment services, or whatever keeps you from re-inventing the wheel the Nth time, but what happens when that service vanishes? And too big to fail is not really an insurance either; even Google just shut down Lively, is slowing hiring and starts setting free temporary workers; Yahoo is in trouble, Yang is stepping down; what happens to Amazon if Christmas shopping tanks? Don’t count on bail-outs, better try to keep your important infrastructure in your own hands (at least have a contingency plan of how to move quickly to other providers). Just in case the unthinkable happens, I still have a slide rule at home. You never know …


About Daniel Tiggemann

Software-developer living in Cologne, Germany. Was once a physicist, specialized in computer simulations and parallel programming. Now more into JavaScript, web frontend development, and especially mobile computing.
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