Invasion continues …

Now that the invasion of the Ladybugs has subsided, the next species is following; just a moment ago, a Great Tit has invaded my apartment (no puns, please, I’m talking about a specimen of species Parus major, in German: Kohlmeise; a bird … dammit, I said no puns!). I’m talking about this:


Luckily, I didn’t need to evict it by hand; it chose to leave once it had seen me. But not before inspecting my whole apartment. Now I’m wondering: I thought I was living in the middle of a city with about one million inhabitants; how does this fit together with Mother Nature invading my apartment? What’s next, a kestrel? Or an albatros? A resurrected pterodactyl? A flying cow?

About Daniel Tiggemann

Software-developer living in Cologne, Germany. Was once a physicist, specialized in computer simulations and parallel programming. Now more into JavaScript, web frontend development, and especially mobile computing.
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