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Invasion continues …

Now that the invasion of the Ladybugs has subsided, the next species is following; just a moment ago, a Great Tit has invaded my apartment (no puns, please, I’m talking about a specimen of species Parus major, in German: Kohlmeise; … Continue reading

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Aldus Microscopus

What better way to combine Aldus Manutius, Francesco Griffo, a book from 1505, and an atomic force microscope, than by an italic typeface? If you have a soft spot for typography, read the post by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. It even … Continue reading

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The Mountains of Madness

An expedition is on its way to the Antarctic in order to explore the Gamburtsev Mountains. One scientist says: This region is a complete enigma. It’s in the middle of the continent. Most mountain ranges are on the edges of … Continue reading

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Chili con carne

Time for another harvest of home-grown chili peppers. Over the summer, I have been growing lots of them, now the last cohort is starting to mature. Some of the earlier ones I’ve hung up to dry. I’ve been growing several … Continue reading

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Grandmother takes justice in her own hands

The UK really is a funny place. Now that police are not equipped with Bat’leths, grandmothers need to fight for themselves. A 68-year-old granny was able to outrun a 15-year-old thief, to grab him, and to get her handbag back. … Continue reading

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A little bit of arithmetic

€500 billion = US$679 billion. The USA decided to put US$700 billion in their bailout plan. Are they therefore 700/679 = 1.03 times as daring as the Germans? Well, no, US gross national income is US$13,886.472 billion, while German is … Continue reading

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There is no Nobel prize for Economics

There is no Nobel prize for Economics. The price which was bestowed on Paul Krugman today is the Sveriges riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne (Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel), and … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Ladybugs

This is getting ridiculous: I am under Attack of the Strangely Devoted Ladybugs. Currently I have more than a dozen of them in my working room, even after gently evicting another dozen using a sheet of paper. And it is … Continue reading

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Boris Efimov dead

Political cartoonist Boris Efimovich Efimov (Борис Ефимович Ефимов) died yesterday, aged 108 (born September 28th, 1900 (Gregorian calendar) in Kiev, died October 1st, 2008 in Moscow). He had to serve one of the most evil men of all time, Iosif … Continue reading

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A voyage back in time

For celebrating its tenth birthday, Google excavated the oldest index they could get hold of and made it available for us all, so that we all can travel back in time to the internet of 2001: Google 2001. It’ll be … Continue reading

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