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UK police chooses new strategy for dealing with knife crimes

You may have heard that knife crimes committed by adolescents are on the rise in the UK, especially in the area of Greater London; as one example (there are dozens more) have a look at the BBC report Teenager dies … Continue reading

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A set of three non-transitive d4 dice (i. e., tetrahedra)

Randomness contains its surprises (take my probably favorite Dilbert cartoon of all times, the accounting department’s random number generator: Are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness: You can never be sure). One of such surprises is non-transitivity … Continue reading

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Deutsche Parlamentarier wollen Überraschungsei verbieten

A note to non-German-speaking readers of this blog: This post is about political developments in Germany, which concern a much-cherished childhood toy (plus chocolate), the Überraschungsei (or shorter Ü-Ei, a chocolate egg which contains a toy within a plastic capsule). … Continue reading

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